Tongkat Ali usage and benefits

Tongkat Ali Application And Benefits

Tongkat Ali application: Enhance the strength and vitality, reduce fatigue, sterilization, anti-ulcer, antipyretic, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-rheumatic.

Benefits: Treatment of gout, improve human immunity, increasing physical fatigue, treatment of prostate. Quickly relieve fatigue, restore vitality, enhance physical strength and vitality; nourishing the body, maintain health and vitality, promote blood circulation, accelerate recovery capability

东革阿里味苦,入脾、肾两经. 提升体力与活力、减轻疲劳、杀菌、抗溃疡、解热、抗癌、抗氧化、抗风湿. 增进体能及控制力、保持旺盛精力、减缓压力与忧虑、舒缓低落情绪及抑


Tongkat Ali Application And Benefits

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Date: Tuesday, 29. April 2014 1:45
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